After-sale service

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Spare parts we can supply including liners, blade, belt,roller, air pipe, magnetic valve, filter screen, air cylinder, control button for control system, etc. We will immediately send these quick wear parts to urgent need customers according to company purchase price. Also we will send customer spare parts price list along with the shipment, spare parts price will always be same or at most ±5% according to market.
We have 25 office all over China supplying after-sale service and spare parts, which can supply excellent after sale service. And we guarantee that our engineer can arrive your site within 24hours for urgent maintenance, and spare parts exchange.

Installation, training and test run For concrete mixing plant capacity less than 60m3/h, It needs one engineer to finish installation within 25 days. For concrete mixing plant capacity bigger than 60m3/h, it needs two engineer to finish installation and test run within 35 days.
Our engineer will train 1-2 stuff in customers site, It will take 7 days for training, training include normal maintenance and operation of equipment.
After the successful test run, we will sign a long term maintenance service contract and leave customer a spare parts replacement schedule.

Maintenance termsOut warranty period is 18 moths. After the equipment leave factory, we supply life time free direction and maintenance operation.
Quality examine for each equipment is made via steps, three workshop control, which reducing the failure rate to the smallest.
If any quality problems during the guarantee period, We will let our engineer make video examine immediately to deduce the risk or lost to the smallest. If the problem can not be solved via video direction, we will send our engineer to customer’s working site for repair.
After repair, We will access the reason of malfunction according to the problem, if it is for operation fault, the customer need to pay for engineer’s salary, travel cost and accommodation. If it is for quality problem, our company will undertake all the cost.