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Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

.Self loading concrete mixer has strong function that feed, mix and discharge aggregate by itself.
.It has weighing system and add water automatically.
.Moreover, Self loading concrete mixers can produce and transport concrete at the same time.
  .Self loading concrete mixer can greatly save lots of labor cost and solve big troubles of transporting concrete.

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Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck is easy to use, and ideal for producing and distributing concrete at the most difficult sites, in the most congested traffic or on the remotest islands like piling, foundation, concrete products, industrial & residential buildings, municipalities & urban Infrastructures, railways, roads, bridges, canal lining, Irrigation, tunneling, mining and concrete supplying.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck is specially used for transportation of concrete. Because of its appearance, often referred to as snail truck. There is a mixing drum on the truck and it keep on mixing during transportation to avoid solidification of concrete. After the concrete is output, it is usually water washed inside, to prevent hardening of the concrete, and taking up the space of drum.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Feature

1.Stirring device is mainly composed of mixing drum and auxiliary support components.

2.Blade is the main components in the mixing plant, serious wear and tear or damage can lead to concrete mixing unevenly. In addition, the Angle of the blade if the design is not reasonable, still can make concrete segregation.

3.Cleaning system is the main purpose of cleaning the mixing barrel, is also sometimes used to transport on the way to dry mixing drum. Cleaning system and cooling effect to the hydraulic system. Totally enclosed device adopts rotary sealing technology, sealed the mixers in and out of the mouth, to solve the traditional mixing heavy evaporation, stratification of mortar,concrete material spilled, the series of problems such as driving safety.

Model  SQ1000 SQ2000 SQ2500 SQ4000
Drum Volume m3 1 2 2.5 4
Hydraulic system Pump Model   CBF-32 CBF-32 CBF-32 CBF-63
Motor Model   BMS-100 BMS-100 BMS-100 BMS-125
Water supply Water tank capacity L 300 600 700 900
Chassis Engine Model   YC4F55-T20 YC4D85Z-T21 YC4A125Z-T21 YC4A
Number of cylinders   4 4 4 4
Maximum Speed km/h 28 26 24 26
Tire   12.5-15 20.5-16 20.5-16 16/70-20
Quality parameters Drive Form   4*4 4*4 4*4 4*4
Maxmimum total mass of the vehicle kg 8200 12500 13000 16500
Vehicle Dimensions(L*W*H) mm 5700x2100x2800 6700x2500x3400 6700x2500x3400 7040x2600x3400

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Features

  • Motor and hydraulic systerm: Full hydraulic technology, all the actions are realized by hydraulic pressure, operation is very easy.

  • Drive: With the four-wheels driven, the low pressure and wide tyres, the swing rear axles, providing the better off-road performance and more traction.

  • Weighing Systerm: Electronic weighing system and Self-Articulated hydraulically operating shovel for a more accurate loading of aggregates and materials.

  • Water Supply: Automatic water supply, double water tank, pump the water once, can stir twice.

  • Grade Ablity: Rear engine: easy checks, fully balanced equipment, speed can reach 20km/h, and can climb up 30 degree slop easily when the car is full..

  • Driving Room: Front driving cab to assure perfect visibility and excellent comfort to the operator.


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