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Small Concrete Pump

Small concrete pump not only can pump fine stone concrete and mortar and also can pump large aggregate concrete.

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Small concrete pump not only can pump fine stone ocncrete and mortar and also can pump large aggregate concrete.
With the advantages of small size, small power, easy for moving, etc., it applies to public construction, traffic, railway, water conservancy, electric power, etc, concrete project’s economically and efficiently concrete pumping.


Model HBT40.6.45S HBT40.13.45S HBT40.13.55S HBT40.13.82RS HBT40.6.62RS
Max. Delivery Volume (m3/h) 47 40/23 40/23 48/28 56
Max.Delivery Pressure (MPa) 6.5 13/7.5 13/7.5 13/7.5 6.5
Theorical Vertical Delivery Distance (m) 130 270 270 270 130
Theorical Horizontal Delivery Distance (mm) 650 1300 1300 1300 650
Slump (mm) 100-230 100-230 100-230 100-230 100-230
Hopper Volume (m3) 0.5 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.5
Diameter of Concrete Cylinder (mm) Ø200 Ø200 Ø200 Ø200 Ø200
Engine Type Electrical engine Electrical engine Electrical engine Diesal engine Diesal engine
Rated Motor (Kw) 45 45 55 82 62
Main oil Pump Brand Kawasaki Kawasaki Kawasaki Kawasaki Kawasaki
Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System (Mpa) 32 32 32 32 32
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume (L) 250 250 250 300 300
Diameter of Concrete Delivery Pipe (mm) Ø125/Ø80 Ø125/Ø80 Ø125/Ø80 Ø125/Ø80 Ø125/Ø80
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 4500*1800*2000 5450*1910*2200 5450*1910*2200 5800*1910*2300 4800*1600*3800
Total Weight (Kg) 3500 4800 4800 5100 3800

Small Concrete Pump Features

  • Wear-resisting Concrete Piston Concrete piston made of high toughness and high wear-resistant material adopts the latest design to improve its lubricating effect and increase its service life more than 2 times than conventional concrete piston.

  • S tube made of manganese steel tube surfacing wear-resisting material and swing axle made of high strength alloy steel can effectively avoid the abrasion of S tube and fracture of shaft head.

  • Wear-resistant Hard Alloy Glasses Plate and Cutting Ring the service life of glass plate and cutting ring made of the wearable and high-strength alloy material same as hard alloy cutter is extended more than 3 times than those made of surfacing material.

  • Mixed support structure of unique spherical roller bearing and contacting parts with hard chrome plated wear-proof casing makes the service life of the mixing part improved more than five times.

  • Streamlined hopper structure are more reasonable, no remaining material blind angle, better material absorbing and easier cleaning.

  • Multiple Protection Technology Electrical system is equipped with the phase sequence protection, low voltage start, electrical system fault display, multiple protection measures to reduces the damage to the equipment operation.


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