• JDC Concrete mixer
  • JDC Concrete mixer
  • JDC Concrete mixer
  • JDC Concrete mixer

JDC Concrete Mixer

JDC concrete mixer, Small Concrete Mixer, Friction Concrete Mixer is designed in according with the demand for concrete of low consumption in applications. It is characterized by biconical mixing drum, positive turn for mixing and reverse turn for dischar

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The machine has the advantages of simple structure, high mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life,convenient repair and maintenance etc.
Combined with batching machine, it  can form a small mixing station. 



Model JDC350 JDC500
Discharge Capacity(L) 350 500
Feeding Capacity (L) 560 800
Productivity (m3/h) 18-21 25-30
Maximum Aggregate Size (pebble/gravel) mm 60-40 80-60
Mixer Speed (r/min) 28 24
Total Power (kw) 19.55 24.75
Stirring Time(s) 30 30
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2528x2340x2850 2600x2789x3200
Towing Speed (Level 3 Roads) km/h 20 18
Weight(kg) 3700 4000

JDC Concrete Mixer Features

  • Loading system of JDC mixer is composed of loading mechanism, loading hopper, loading frame and feeding hopper.

  • Loading frame is composed of pathway, advancing pathway, etc. Pathway frame is connected to mixing drum and rack via bolt. Advanced pathway is connected to pathway frame via bolt, and it can be disassembled for transport or deposit.

  • Lifting motor is composed of brake motor, level 2 reducer,winding dru, steel rope, etc. Brake motor ensures the hopper stops if full loading, no mater where the hopper is.

  • The mixing drum adopts whole welding technology. There are two kinds of liner inside, 12 pieces of side liners, and 77pieces of arc liners, and the liners are fixed with drum via sunk screw.

  • The liner are made from antifriction ally iron casting which is with good abrasion performance and long lifetime.

  • Mixing driven system: The mixing driven system of JDC is composed of electricity motor, mixing reducer box, coupling and components of mixing blade. Motor is fixed on the under plate, and motor drive the reducer and coupling making the mixing blade rotate to mixing.

  • Water supplying system: The water supplying system of JDC mixer is composed of water pump, bottom valve, water absorption tube, brake valve, water pipe, water jet, etc.

  • Discharging device: The discharging device of JDC mixer adopts new design, high strength rack, which is rolling straight flip. Discharging device of JDC mixer is with characteristics of fast discharging, net discharging, controllable feeding

  • Electrical control system: Electrical control system include electricity motor, brake motor for loading, mini water pump, turbo discharging motor, position limit switch and control cabinet. Control cabinet is installed on the loading rack.


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