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Customer from the Philippines visit Sanqgroup

 June 12 evening, we got Philippine customer's phone that he was already on the way to our factory zone. The customer bought a concrete mixer pump from us last half year and since the pump was blocked frequently, so customer came here and hope to find the reasons for blocking with the assistance of our engineers.

Although it was late at night, our company still actively organized personnel and made a brief solution to solve the problem for customer. The next day night, we met customer and told him tomorrow's schedule. Since customers had been running for two days, we only had a dinner with customer and then drove him to hotel for rest.

The next morning, we took customer to factory early, carefully asked the blocking situation and watched video took by customer. We supposed the machine should be no problem but the customer's concrete formula may be not so suitable.

In order to explain to customer intuitively, we took him to one concrete pump working site.

After watching two working cycles carefully and customer said he thought the reason may be their big size materials.

We then took him to our concrete mixing plant site and the aggregate warehouse.

Customer once again said that the smallest stone they used is the biggest stone we used. Whereafter we showed him our concrete formula, the customer said they only used parts of the materials. Experienced engineers carefully explained to customer that if lack of part of the materials, there will be adverse phenomena.

Finally after both sides communication, we found the reasons for blocking and successfully solve the problem for customer.

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