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Concrete mixing pump to the Philippines

After 20 days of negotiations, we received payment from the customer of concrete mixing pump. Customer’s demand is most important. Although 3 days holidaya nd the increasing orders, the company decided to work overtime without delay delivery. After 10 days fighting, the pump  was completed and with two days to complete the machine testing. The testing result was all qualified.

concrete mixing pump

We sent pump pictures to the customer and customer was very satisfied and raised to print their own brand on the pump. The third day we received the balance. But we can not relax the nerves, booked the earliest ship and began to create a logo for customers. After a few days of busy, everything is ready. The container also went to the factory as scheduled.

The ship sailed to the Philippines with 9 days. Customers will soon be able to use this equipment. I wish customers business booming.

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