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Russian customers to buy the HZS35 Concrete Mixing Station to bring new year to start new luck


The first working day after China Lunar New Year, I got an email about HZS35 Concrete Mixing Station from a Russian customer.

After communication, customer finally confirmed HZS50 with one set of heating system.

Since we have customized a heating system for a customer before and had full designing documents in hand,

concrete batching plant

we got customer's trustness soon.

And within 5 days after contract, we got deposit.

HZS35 Concrete Mixing Station

HZS50 is a standard model and most parts were in stock.

But, heating system was seldomly used, so it took 7 days to purchase.

HZS35 Concrete Mixing Station

Totally, whole plant took 12 days.

Goods were delivered on time and look forward to our next cooperation.

Many manufacturers will choose to cover the freight and insurance in the total freight, so the total price also different. In short, the specific parameters on concrete batching plant information, price information, accessory information, shipping information are available through personnel acquisition of customer service. Email us by info@sanqgroup.com to support the detailed equipment requirements, which also helps quicker quotation, what you wait?

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