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Central Asia Customers Visit SANQ GROUP

 A Sunny Morning, we started to Xinzheng airport to pick up two customers from Central Asia.

The target product they want to purchase is large-scale concrete mixing plant HZS120.

As soon as we arrived factory and take a short rest, we drived to the working site of HZS120 and HZS180 which were produced and installed by SANQ GROUP 3 years ago.

During visit of HZS120 and HZS180, we watched the whole plant's working process, how to load the aggregate, how to weighing, how to mix, how to pour the finished concrete into truck mixer, etc.

After visiting, we went back to factory and sit down to discuss the configuration of the HZS120 they need.

Customer want to change the batching machine's hopper quantity to meet their production demand.
Also since the cold weather in their country, they need to add a thermal insulation system to keep the plant normal working in Winter.
At the same time, customer's foundation site is too small, so we need to change our plant's layout 
After all these problems were solved by our technician team, customers were much satisfied with our service and efficiency.



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