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The Advantage of Concrete Mixing Plant is Controlled By Double Machine System

 Double machine control system in commercial concrete mixing plant has the characteristics of convenient operation, flexible control, running stability, high precision weighing, etc. We discuss them specifically as following:

1. There are two control modes: joint control and manual control. And the two modes can switch flexibly. Process in joint control is described as the following. The device is started after the motor in concrete mixing plant is started, then aggregate weighing device and cement weighing device and water weighing device are started. These materials are automatically discharged into hopper until the batching is finished. After being discharged, the hopper is raised automatically. When it reaches a certain limit, the hopper stops by itself and the aggregates are discharged to the concrete mixer. At this time, cement and water are discharged, and stop at the place of “zero”. The hopper automatically falls after discharging. Operators observe situation of mixing concrete. If the mixing is qualified, the discharge button on concrete mixer is pressed. This is a process of joint control.

2. Instrument in concrete mixing plant is brand-name device with high precision, fast sampling. It adopts formula input and marks direction on the instrument. Combining the manufacturing experience of electric box, we make special process to instrument to make sure its stable operation.

3. Electric box of control system in concrete mixing plant adopts aluminum alloy panels, which makes the operation clear and beautiful.

4. Electric box in concrete mixing plant has the function to prevent water from leaking, which can effectively prevents water from being again added because of adhesive material on hopper. So the loss is avoided.


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