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The Difference and the Same of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant and Fixed Concrete Mixing Plant (Part 2)

 As I have introduced in Part 1, Concrete Mixing Plant is basicly divided into two types, one is mobile concrete mixing plant and the other is fixed concrete mixing plant.

In Part 1, we learned the common points between them, today I will introduce the difference between them.
Firstly, it is the aggregate loading way. All mobile concrete mixing plants load aggregate through belt conveyor, but for fixed concrete mixing plant, it has two types, skip hopper type and belt conveyor type.
Secondly, it is the foundation. That of Mobile concrete mixing plant is more shallow and also easy to be made than fixed concrete mixing plant's.
Thirdly, mobile concrete mixing plant can be dismantled quickly and then be folded as a whole, then tow it by a truck from one working site to another.
Mobile concrete plant is flexible, but a little expensive than fixed concrete mixing plant with the same output. Clients could make choice accoridng to actual demand of their projects.


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