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Certification Qualification

Aggregate mixture technology
Via the SANQGROUP special discharging technology, which make the agg. And powder material mixed well in advance, and then advance the production efficiency and concrete quality.
Negative pressure air back device for concrete mixing plant
Negative pressure air back device can produce negative pressure while powder discharging, which advanced the discharging efficiency, and make the discharging smoothly, and no stock.
Powder pneumatic conveying device
We adopts Powder pneumatic conveying device instead of screw conveyor. Powder pneumatic conveying device advanced the conveying efficiency and reduce 70% power consumption, which can save cost.
Cement mortar wrap stone mixing
Via SANQGROUP special discharging technology, by adjusting the discharging sequence, which can reduce the impact force from stone to the inner of mixer, can make the life time of spare parts 40% longer. And then it advanced the life time of concrete mixing plant and save cost.
Agg. Loading location inspection
Via SANQGROUP special inspection technology, u can detect the loading location real-timely. Cooperate with the emergency stop function of loading belt, it can avoid feeding again while the waiting hopper is full, and then advance the production safety.