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Diesel concrete mixer pump and concrete mixer are ready for shipment

On the first day of April, Sanqgroup arranged the shipment of Diesel concrete mixer pump and JZC350 concrete mixer.

concrete mixer pump

Our customer firstly ordered the diesel concrete mixer pump and concrete mixer,later,he ordered some steel products,construction tool and small construction machines from us.we prepare all the cargos together within 10 days.

When everything is ready for shipment,customer had problem to arrange the balance payment, his bank not allowed because of lack of dollar which seems ridiculous,in order not delay the ship date,so the customer can get the machines early,we arrange the shipment by the original plan,then we overcome the payment problem with our customer together.

Finally,the ship departure smoothly on time,we also got the final payment,customer was very satisfied with our service,we built firm trust each other,I believe we will have more cooperation in the near future.